Jack n' Jill Pretzels

A favorite treat. I could not afford this when I was younger. My siblings and I were not given extra money back when we were young. Today, we could already buy this.

I remember feeling sad when my friends ate pretzels and I could not. I envied them. Somehow, now that I am older, I realize that things come when I least expect it. That somewhat time is all I need for me to achieve or receive the things that I once wanted in life.

I should keep in mind that I will always receive what I need best and that I just don’t know that it is already within my grasp.


That Man

Life is a roller coaster ride. Sometimes you’re up, then you suddenly go down. What matters most are the people who remains by your side despite the rough days. These are the people who’ll put up with you through anything.

To that man I look up to as my inspiration and love, thank you. You will always be my best friend and lover at the same time. For not leaving my side when I was at my worst and my world was falling apart and putting up with me through anything.

I have never been blessed by the Almighty this much.


We can never truly love someone unless we let go of the past, stop counting their mistakes or stop being guarded. We love because we find comfort in the person, happiness is in their arms and they share the pains you feel. We love because we clearly see their imperfections perfectly. We love because we are ourselves when we are with them.

Just like how a jigsaw puzzle works, those people that we love completes us. Everyone is unique. A jigsaw puzzle may have different pieces, some are ugly, curvy, straight, edged but at the end, when everything is set onto place, each and everyone has a space in your life and in your heart.

Disclaimer: Photo not mine.

Zamboanga del Norte

Zamboanga del Norte

Here I am forever wishing to go back to this peaceful place with someone special. Yes, it’s me wishing to take on the moist chocolate cake of the resort’s restaurant once more. Inhaling the salty scent of the clean and clear blue- green waters of the sea of Mindanao and enjoying the long walk along the beach. Hmmmmmm…


Lately, I have been troubled with my thoughts of continuing law school or stopping. I am very much apprehensive about how my life is turning out right now. I have so much in my mind. I am very much bothered about the pressures my parents are putting on me right now. There are reasons as to why I don’t want to continue law school.


First, I don’t want to engage in something that my heart does not want to accept. It is like chaining my heart, limiting its capacity. My heart is set out for culinary arts. I love cooking, I love confectionery, baking, all those things.


Secondly, the pressures are too much. My parents are expectant that I will be a lawyer within the span of four and a half years. I am very much disheartened because I don’t expect that much from myself. They expect too much from me. *sigh*

ImageLastly, my reason for wanting to leave law school is really about my need to pursue my dreams, to follow my heart, dictate myself about my decisions in life. I want to blame myself one day if ever I will make the wrong decision about this one. Even if I was in my undergraduate studies, I blamed my parents for them making me take up Political Science when indeed, I wanted to take up BS Hotel and Restaurant Management because I know it would take me closer to my dreams.


Disclaimer: Photos are not mine