The Bar Exams

Last May to October 2016, I had the privilege of reviewing for the Bar exams in Jurists Bar Exam Review Center in Manila, and finally taking the Bar Exams on November.

Everyone knows that the most prestigious exam in the country is the Bar examinations. It occurs once a year and almost seven thousand hopefuls pass the gates of the University of Sto. Tomas.

The results came out this May 2017. I failed (emphasis supplied). It was very heartbreaking. My feelings were uncontrolled. I kept myself composed in the office not wanting to be seen crying by everyone there. I still could not sleep well at night. I still refuse to eat food that I associate with the Bar exams.

I am writing this because aside from the emotional roller coaster ride that I have been on, it has also severely affected me mentally.

The emotional and mental struggle that I have been on manifested through my physical appearance and behavior. Take for example a social person like me shying away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I have also shied away from friends because I really did not want to be consoled (in addition to getting ignored when I congratulated everyone who passed).

Today I feel so irrelevant to people. I feel so forgotten. But despite all that, there were people who broke barriers to be with me. They cried with me. Never have I been so touched by the overwhelming love of my family, and my best friend.

To date, this has been my greatest failure and yet my greatest win in life. I have realized so many things, I matured a bit and I have spent time on myself.

I’d still try to get the license, I’d still be hopeful, I’d still look back and reflect where I went wrong last year in hope of correcting my mistakes. I’d still aim to tighten my grip on my studies.

If after all these efforts I still do not make it, I’m sure I have a new world waiting for me.

The Bar exams knocked me down but I will not allow it to cloud my future. Destiny has its way of bringing me right where I am supposed to be.




Foodie Tuesday With The Girls…

Hello there November! Ahhhh. It has been a while indeed. I am glad that this smartphone application of WordPress makes me post easily on my blog.

Tonight was lovely. Except for the part where I had to walk fast because I had to rush to buy my mom’s wish of McDonald’s take-out.

For the next 50 years or so of my life, this is my motto.


The girls posing because we are complete! Well, for tonight, we are! Yaaaaaay!!


We had finner at Pop Up Kitchen. Yes they pop up, hence the name. They change places by the way. 😁 What could be more amazing if you have good food and good company all in one night.


Checking out this creative lights. Recycled car plates. One wicked ideaaaa!! I love it!


Thr lovely menu of the Pop Up Kitchen. Each one of the menu is made differently but with the same doodle-y features and are 100% hand-drawb by someone gifted with the talent of art! Thumbs up to you!

This is all for now,

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As of today, I have been bothered about the stories that have been told about harassment. Each of us in this world has a different story and a view about harassment and this is about mine.

Harassment can happen everywhere, sometimes in the streets, maybe in a workplace, in the academe, or at home. There are also different types of harassment like catcalling, pulling sexually motivated jokes, sexual harassment in a workplace and so on and so forth. The main thing is, as long as it violates a persons feelings, offending a person through verbal or non-verbal acts with or without sexual inuendo, I want to call it harassment already.

In the streets, whenever I walk my way to school, drivers of tri-wheeled vehicle called “pedicab” would call on to me to ride their cab but with additional words like “beh” which is an endearment, or even yell “sexy ka man” translated as “you are sexy”. I opt to walk fast just to avoid hearing them speak such words. As girl, I find it demeaning and degrading to be spoken to that kind of level. I cannot fathom how such men who are fathers themselves, brothers, boyfriends, uncles, or even grandparents would allow themselves to harass a woman on the street.

Sometimes, I am proud of myself for not stooping so low on their level and just ignore their words. Sometimes, I even want to stop, turn my back and ask them what exactly is their point in calling me names, yelling at me, or even whistling at me like I am some kind of an animal that would pay attention to them. It is awful.

I am not asking for such kind of treatment. I deserve to be respected. I am a woman. The way I dress, the way I walk and the way I carry myself is not anyone’s business. Everyone deserves respect from all the people. Apparently, not everyone has been taught about respect.

I am wondering how these people would react if they see their daughters, wives, sisters, aunts or even mothers subjected to such predicament. Would they even learn?

My dad has taught us to respect people even if for me they ought not to be respected at all because of their acts towards me or some other thing that I dont like about them but in my life, I have never seen or hear stories about my brother direspecting a woman. We may fight at times but never have he disrespected me in a way to offend my being a woman. I cannot even imagine him doing such acts of harassment to any person.

I guess that these harassing acts can be done by anyone. Different factors can contribute as to why a person does these acts.

        1. A person’s peers can influence the way he or she acts. And as the saying goes, “birds of the same feather flock together”.
         2. Lack of proper knowledge and instruction whether in school or at home.
              In our lives, the first place where we are to be taught is home. Before we go and attend primary school, we are first taught by our parents. Our parents teach us the basic values. They are the ones who mold us to be good people. Without their instruction, we will not be who we are today. They are the one who has a great influence in our lives. What they do we may pr may not imitate in the future. What the father does to the mother or vice versa, positive or negative, affects the well-being of a person.
              At school, we interact more with people our age. The children engage in play and learning with the second parents called teachers. Our teachers can influence us also for the way we treat other people. If a classmate is being sexually harassed through sexual messages coated with a joke, if not addressed to properly by proper authorities, a child may think it is okay to act in such a way.
        3. Social media.
               Social media can affect how a person perceives things. Social media is now a contributing factor to the well-being of a person. It may affect him positively or negatively. Sexually explicit contents on the internet can cause a person to sexually harass another. What a person sees on social media, he may do it with the thinking that it is okay.

There are many factors to be mentioned and I cannot discuss them all here but I want my readers to know that it is not okay to allow yourself to be subjected to any form of harassment. Be it outside your house or not, speak up. Tell your friends, parents, siblings, everyone you encounter because this is not something that should be allowed to live. Harassment should stop. Do not allow yourself to be destroyed and disrespected. The struggle against harassment is real. Man or woman, adult or child-harassment does not choose a victim. It does not even choose a place.

Thanks for reading.

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My Only Escape.

Ola amiga! It’s been a while since I have last posted since I was so busy with my life! Ha ha! I just sneaked from study because I wanted to share my three-day adventure in Palompon, Leyte where Kalanggaman Island is located.

Point of meet up with my friends was in Tacloban City, the capital of the Province of Leyte. We left Tacloban by van at around 5am and arrived at Palompon at around 8am.

For those planning to visit the island, these are the advice I want to give all of you:

1. Pumpboat transfers at PhP3000.00 for 15 passengers.

2. Bring your own drinking water.

3. Sunblock is a must. No one wants to burn, pitch black.

4. Hoodies for the very cold night.

5. Buy fresh fishes from the mainland if you want to cook your own food; otherwise, bring canned goods.

6. Try waking up before sunrise. It is an amazing view!


Tranquil Kalanggaman island undisturbed by pollution.
Tranquil Kalanggaman island undisturbed by pollution.
The sea in its calmest most soothing view.
The sea in its calmest most soothing view.
Ahh! Perfect shade in paradise!
Ahh! Perfect shade in paradise!
Arrival at Kalanggaman Island.
Arrival at Kalanggaman Island.
Something blue from nature.
Something blue from nature.
Someone is enjoying the sea! :)
Someone is enjoying the sea! 🙂

Until we meet again, vacation! :*

Foodie Friday for A School Girl


Oatmeal and raisin cookies for a healthy living!! :)) I made these cookies for my family and classmates. I really didn’t expect that they would turn out great or delicious since I am not a fan of raisins. They were delicious!! They were soft and chewy. These ones are good for and afternoon snack!

These cookies made me happy.. Made me content and full! 🙂

My only getaway from the city..

My cousin ate Ann ann.. 😉

Been a while since I’ve been in a real outing with relatives. I really enjoyed this one. Above photo is my cousin at the little cave we discovered just a little off the resort. A good ten minute walk ..

Yous truly posing at the little brigde connecting the little kiosk on the waters.

Got burned after a day in the salty waters of Marabut, Samar, Philippines. The jellyfish stings weren’t really obvious..


My only photo with my youngest brother. :)) Happens once in a while so I might as well post it.


My aunt in her flowy maxi dress just appropriate for summer! I just wish I was as tall as her..