My Colorful Cake

In preparation for my grandma’s birthday, I tried to make a Rainbow Cake but i did forego the idea on the last minute because it was going to be a very tall cake with seven layers (well because we have 7 damn colors on it).

I decided that I will only make one recipe of cake so that I wont find it hard to stack everything together.

I used a butter cake for this recipe. I used my mother’s classic butter cake recipe for this.

So, any one of my readers can use their own yellow cake mix of some sort. My cake batter consisted of 8 cups of batter, equally divided into 4 baking pans containing 2 cups each.

Color your batter with whatever color you like. I did mine with red, yellow, green and blue. The blue sort of looked like teal though.


By the way I used about 4pcs of 10inch round baking pans. Well you can always cook and refill again. Just be practical. You can also do this on a square or rectangular pan to accommodate more people.

For the frosting I used Swiss Meringue Butterceam. Yummiest ever! Fill the cakes and stack them!


Some bloggers on YouTube cuts the sides of the cake but I don’t because as much as possible I avoid wastage in food making processes. Also, you can flatten the topmost cake by using a serrated knife or a cake leveler and then inverting the cake and using its bottom part to ensure flatness.


I wanted to give the cake a nude finish but i just could not. I am not an expert on frosting but I can say I do cook well.

So now. Slicing.


This is the inside of the cake when cut through. You may have noticed that I have thin filling, well it is because I had few frosting left. I had to save up.


Your cake will be beautiful like this. No need for fancy recipes. You can always improvise. No need for seven colors, four colors will do and your friends will all be amazed.

Have fun guys!

Riva ❤

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