Christmas and New Year 2015

It has been a while since I last posted but here I am updating my blog for everyone to know the things I have been busy with for the month of December.

As a graduating student of Law (well, hopefully I graduate) I decided that my last adventure before finally leaving for the capital city of the Philippines which is Manila (to last for about 8 months or if I find a job I will stay there for good) to review for the Philippine Bar Examinations shall be my life- long dream of selling cakes and establishing my name as a cake maker.

The whole month of December I have been contemplating about this idea and of course I have planned this a long time ago but just had it executed on December. Well, on November I bought little tin cans from a supplier in Manila and I bought about 40 of them because I never really expected my cakes to sell.

My boyfriend made my logo for a day. It was rushed. I really didn’t think that the logo was important but to my mind, people should know me. This is my identity.  People would as your customers and say “hey, where’d you buy those?”. To which your customers would reply, “bought them at “Cakes by Riva”. That’s me. That’s my business.


Such a simple logo but I don’t really mind at all.

Well the next step on my mind were the recipes. Will I find new ones or will I stick to the basic? I did stick to the 8 year old recipes that I have had.

I am 23 (24 in a month) and yes those recipes I have known when I was 15. Amazing that I kept them all in tact even though Haiyan wrecked our house.

My advice for the starters is to use the recipes they have had for so long that the people have appreciated. Use the recipe that you are comfortable using. Use the one that never failed you.

Another thing that I did was try the cake recipe on your container. I bought an oven-safe tin because I did not want to really keep on icing the sides of the cake.

For someone who has not a single amount of formal education on baking and is venturing out on a business like this play it cool and safe. Have faith. Keep your head up and admit to your shortcomings. I did.

Another thing I want to advice people on is to try to have free taste. Yes free taste. You know, those occasional i-made-cookies-because-i-was-bored-so-here-you-should-try-one. Why? Because the people to whom you’d be handing out these cookies are those who’d support you first on your business. Uh-huh. Got that right huh!

I was too lazy to ice/frost cakes on their side and so I really did play this game safe.




Lastly, everytime you make a cake try to reflect on your skill. Assess yourself if you are doing well or not. Have faith in yourself if you feel like it is ugly or if you will disappoint some clients. At first it really will be rough and hard to establish your name but sooner or later the ripple effect will happen, people will hear about you and they will like your craft. Always evolve. Be better than your previous self. Enjoy baking and enjoy cake decorating.

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Breakfast All-in-one!!


I got the recipe from Marsha’s Munchies on Facebook. I did this one evening since we had nothing to eat. Had my parents been home, I could not have done this wonderful and yummy breakfast/dinner foodie.. =)

Well, this one includes bread, lots of cheese, ham strips which you can alternate with bacon, and a whole egg.

Isn’t it fun? All-in-one in just about three bites. This is one healthy meal!! πŸ˜‰

I really wish I could cook this recipe again.


Drenching all my sorrows away,

You fall without permission.

You blend with my blues,

Oh truly, I have got no clues.

The sound you create calms my mind,

Which is something right now, I cannot find.

Pour endlessly, fall silently.

Make me wonder why it doesn’t sound oddly.

Pour again, and fall again.

Make me love you even more dearly.

Β Image

Disclaimer: Photo not mine.

One witchy Wednesday. ;)

As the thirdΒ day of my semester break begins, I have been occupied by a little girl who as her aunt says is rather evil. *insert wide grin here* Well, I had the opportunity of seeing my love too, after having been longing to see each other for more than three long weeks now.

As we all know, the Philippines has already been Westernized by the capitalist United States and inclusive of the Westernization of course is the blending of the cultures, or should I say, the burying of the Filipino culture. Here I am saying all those politically inclined terms and yet, all along I play a puppet of the West- oops, a slave I mean.

Yes, I admit that fact.Β I now acknowledge my love for my country. If given a new life, I’d like to be in balance and in harmony with the changes and yet keep inn tact the old traditions of my motherland. I would like to see all my descendants to be fulfilled in the Filipino culture, seek new means to help the unfortunate and use their efforts to bring life to the country.

Okay, so given the fact that I am already divulging my personal feelings, let me retroact. The culture I talk about is the day of the dead and as we all call it here in the Philippines, “Undas” or “Araw ng Mga Patay”. You see, the Philippines does not celebrate Halloween at all,it consecrates and honors the departed souls of the beloved ones. No one ever partied for Halloween as I believe. I firmly stand on my ground that the elderly would have always prayed to God and spend the day in the cemetery cleaning graves and painting them bright white.

Today, teens and young children are involved in Halloween parties. (Of course trick or treating isn’t done on this day, we have another Filipino counterpart for that, which happens every Christmas.) And specifically my friend’s niece who is a six year old child was a participant of a Halloween party to be held at a fastfood chain somewhere in the city. And so we dressed her up the best way we could and fixed her makeup for her to look like a real witch.

While waiting to enter the party area. πŸ˜› CheesE!

Of course, children were there with their mommies except for this poor child who had a pair of 20 year old law students to accompany her instead of an adult. (Would not consider the myself and Jessica as adults). Princesses, corpse brides, pirates, ballerinas, devils, witches! Ha! So many little kids playing around.

Drawing spooky things as instructed. πŸ™‚

I left so soon that I haven’t said goodbye to the little girl but hey, at least I had a picture of us taken. A self captured one though. ;(

Faye Janelle and your’s truly. πŸ˜›

And a combined picture of Faye Janelle. πŸ™‚

A series of combinations…
Little witch not smiling. πŸ˜›

The afternoon with Jessica and the little witch was awesome! πŸ˜€

And although I left with regret of not being with my love for even fifteen minutes, I still would like to thank the heavens for a wonderful afternoon. Seeing him is my joy and it has uplifted my spirits. The happiness and the smile will never be incomparable to anything material. Nothing has changed. Still handsome, still mine, still loving.

For his social environment, I have this to say, I hate the way you have an effect on my behavior towards him. Indeed, I have blamed society for what things are to be perceived. But then again, I bow to you. For I am a product of society and my parents cannot accept social deviance. Time will come and I shall but hug him freely within the boundaries of his little community. Soonest.

It’s November 1 already in the Philippines. See you Grandma and Grandpa on your final resting place later.


Of life, laughter, and love…

We take risks, grabs chances and opportunities, and enjoy our lives. We live up to the days when we reminisce our youthful life. We came from the earth and to the earth we should go back to. We listen to the old sayings as if they control our lives. We don’t let any hint of regret question our decisions.

Let us live peacefully, laugh endlessly and love faithfully.

Let no feeling of grief take over our lives.


Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

I have been meaning to get hold of a copy of this beautiful book written by James Finn Gardner for more than a year now. A friend of mine had the actual copy of the book but because of an ugly witch who did not return the book to my friend, I lost the opportunity to borrow it. I am still annoyed at that witch. And until then, I’ll be calling her a witch.


I’m writing about it because this is a realization of a dream! Ha! A dream of reading this politically inclined book! I’m sure my views would really change plus I also miss my undergraduate Political Science life way back. πŸ™‚ Perhaps my short break shall be fun because of a good book.

Good reads will always be worth the time a good reader sacrifices for.


At times like this she reminisces about her long journey towards life. The people she met and the places she has been to. It has been a long four years since all of them have met. She says she didn’t belong but she did, she was accepted, love and appreciated by the people whom she thought have excluded her.

This little girl here from twelve to thirteen years ago, she was neither the brightest star nor the prettiest one in her class but she was contented. Competition was tight at school but she learned to accept that fact. In fact she was FINE, freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional (Italian Job, 2003).


She never believed in herself but everyone around her did. She finished elementary without honors but she did pretty well when she was in high school. Of course, studying in a learning institution where the elite were, it was hard for her.

She was led to believe that the elite would bot accept her, but she was wrong. She found friends there. She was accepted. Although there was this classmate who was thrice her size and bullied her. Yes, bullied. She was a cry baby then. Told her dad to scold the boy but the boy was bigger than her dad.

Things went well for four years, she made it to the top five of the class. She hoped that she would graduate with flying colors, but to her dismay, no she didn’t. She graduated the same just like in elementary. Academics mattered to her. But she never did great. She belonged to the backstage where there was no limelight.

She attended college in a prestigious university. Her heart never belonged though. The thought that everyone there was intelligent made her shrink. She did well and made friends.

ImageThrough the years in college, groups were formed, friendships changed, school got tougher, teachers got attached, lovers were formed. Many things have happened but she was still the same. Plain and simple. She dressed up like she was at home while attending college and the UP lifestyle took her life to the simplest form.

ImageShe learned to adapt well to what the society presented before her eyes. The advocacy program she participated in made her see through the eyes of a teacher, enjoyed being with children and as well as increasing her talent in public relations.

Advocacy Program at RTR Elementary School where they’ve taught about climate change and it’s effects.

It was an awesome freshman year for her. Second year was bearable, although she flunked her Economics 11, her dad told her to just re-take the subject. Anyways, he finished college at an old age, so her dad was lenient towards her. Indeed, he understood her because as her dad told her, he was not the brightest among his schoolmates but he did well in the game he played with fate and look where it got him. From plowing the fields to sitting himself in an air-conditioned room and earning money from his work and his business.

Yes it is a 5.0. A failing mark!

Her travels started while she was in her sophomore year. Her unfortunate fate brought her to more places where she thought, she would never be.

Allen, Northern Samar.

Talk about 8 hours of sitting on the bus, rough road and there was nothing to do but listen to the snores of classmates and watch them puke while on the travel. Her very first land travel in Samar. πŸ™‚

Third year came and field trips were already her thing, she enjoyed the province, the view, the natural scenery,the cliffs and bridges. The ooohs and aaahhhs she says were only for the beautiful environment! πŸ™‚

Allen, Northern Samar. 2010
Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte. 2011
Dakak Beach Resort. Zamboanga del Norte. 2011. “The place she’ll be visiting with her human love. *wink*”
Hinabangan. 2011. “She says it’s super ice cold water coming from the mountains.”

There are too many pictures and this post is getting lengthy. What matters most are the relationships she has formed in her journey through life. πŸ™‚

Two awesome people in her life. Vince and Mae. πŸ™‚ The artist, the chef and the singer. All in one photo. πŸ™‚ She super misses them.

And for the last part on her journey through her college life, she had this for a souvenir photo.

People’s Center, Tacloban City. April 27, 2012. The ending of the undergraduate phase of her life and the start of a new one.
“Graduating on time.”

ImageThe best people in the world belongs to our family and our circle of friends. And although her college life ended, she found a good source of support and friendship and love.

A friend, a lover, a listener and a shock absorber. That’s him. πŸ™‚

PS: I can only write up to this part of her life. My back really hurts. Sheeesh. ^^,v