Christmas and New Year 2015

It has been a while since I last posted but here I am updating my blog for everyone to know the things I have been busy with for the month of December.

As a graduating student of Law (well, hopefully I graduate) I decided that my last adventure before finally leaving for the capital city of the Philippines which is Manila (to last for about 8 months or if I find a job I will stay there for good) to review for the Philippine Bar Examinations shall be my life- long dream of selling cakes and establishing my name as a cake maker.

The whole month of December I have been contemplating about this idea and of course I have planned this a long time ago but just had it executed on December. Well, on November I bought little tin cans from a supplier in Manila and I bought about 40 of them because I never really expected my cakes to sell.

My boyfriend made my logo for a day. It was rushed. I really didn’t think that the logo was important but to my mind, people should know me. This is my identity.  People would as your customers and say “hey, where’d you buy those?”. To which your customers would reply, “bought them at “Cakes by Riva”. That’s me. That’s my business.


Such a simple logo but I don’t really mind at all.

Well the next step on my mind were the recipes. Will I find new ones or will I stick to the basic? I did stick to the 8 year old recipes that I have had.

I am 23 (24 in a month) and yes those recipes I have known when I was 15. Amazing that I kept them all in tact even though Haiyan wrecked our house.

My advice for the starters is to use the recipes they have had for so long that the people have appreciated. Use the recipe that you are comfortable using. Use the one that never failed you.

Another thing that I did was try the cake recipe on your container. I bought an oven-safe tin because I did not want to really keep on icing the sides of the cake.

For someone who has not a single amount of formal education on baking and is venturing out on a business like this play it cool and safe. Have faith. Keep your head up and admit to your shortcomings. I did.

Another thing I want to advice people on is to try to have free taste. Yes free taste. You know, those occasional i-made-cookies-because-i-was-bored-so-here-you-should-try-one. Why? Because the people to whom you’d be handing out these cookies are those who’d support you first on your business. Uh-huh. Got that right huh!

I was too lazy to ice/frost cakes on their side and so I really did play this game safe.




Lastly, everytime you make a cake try to reflect on your skill. Assess yourself if you are doing well or not. Have faith in yourself if you feel like it is ugly or if you will disappoint some clients. At first it really will be rough and hard to establish your name but sooner or later the ripple effect will happen, people will hear about you and they will like your craft. Always evolve. Be better than your previous self. Enjoy baking and enjoy cake decorating.

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