Friday the 20th: Day Out With IceBucket

Due to the delay of examinations and few free days without an exam, the ice bucket people decided to go out and have fun. Thanks to our pool provider Mr. G, we all enjoyed the lazy day.


This is us but without Ate Lin. 😢 The house is being renovated and everyone was not choosy at all because we aimed to talk and enjoy the day with friends rather than focusing on the background. What a fun day!


This was my view while lying on the poolside. Such beautiful weather for a Friday.


Who wouldn’t love sunglasses loving friends? Aaah. So much sun! We loved the sun last Friday. It kept us warm on a supposed-to-be-cold November days.


And another one for happy sunnies!


By the poolside. Ladies of IceBucket without Ate Lin. Such cool people to be with on a crazy course called Law!


Sorry for the background, we just let the workers tend to their business. Happy ladies chit-chatting on about anything under the sun. ❤


The little girl in me is happy in the kiddie pool. ❤


We bought two bottles of wine- strawberry passion and something peach. Ahhh.. I am a modest drinker but I really appreciate wine.


Pretty friends. Oooooh. Valerie looks like a wine model. And Ate Wilma looks like a kid. 😂😂


I took this photo and I love it. I love hanging ojt with these people. MIA is Ate Lin, Ate Ivy and Ate Imee. Such looooveee.. ❤


Friends and wine. Irreplaceable. ❤


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