3 day stay at Manila

I’ll be posting photos of my 3 day Manila stay for the 2015 Bar Operations.

To start with, the Bar Operations is conducted yearly by our school to support our Bar examinees held previously at October every year, and now November because of the academic calendar shift. The Bar Examinations take place each Sunday of Octoberpreviously, and now November. The barristers will be back eveey Sunday to take the exam. Each Sunday is a different exam.

Over the years, it has been said that the Bar Exam is the hardest exam held in Philippines. As they say, many are called but few are chosen. A few only pass the Bar Exams.

So here are our photos.

Day 1. Pre-Bar Operations.


This photo was taken before we flew to Manila. Everyone was excited because participating in the Bar operations meant knowing how it will be like when someone takes the Bar exams.  So yes, from the noisy streets filled with supporters of different law schools to waiting till the end of the Examination day.


I took a selfie in the quiet and creepy corridors of Great Eastern Hotel where we were billeted.


Day 2. Bar Operations

And another selfie past midnight in the Makati office of our dear Cong. Martin Romualdez who is also the Dean of DVOREF College of Law while waitin for the photocopying machine to finish its job and for me to start stapling papers. Selfie taken because I was in awe with the shelves of Supreme Court Reports Annotated.


I did try my best to tuck my stomach in while this photo was taken. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Someone was with me from 7.30pm to 2am. I went inside the office on November 14 and I went out on November 15. Well, this man here is Arvin and yes, he is a volunteer Bar Operator. He was with me through it all. I was so tired and he kept me company. We both lacked sleep but we still finished our assigned tasks together. Thanks, love.

Day 3. Bar Exam Day

Arvin and I returned to the hotel at around 2am and had to sleep to wake up in 2 hours. Well, for the tiresome night we were given 2hrs and 30 mins. Ha! Extended. Yes!

With the lack of sleep, I was really groggy and was yawning all the time. Arvin and I parted ways because I was assigned for sending the examinees to the examination venue and he wanted his sleep. Well…


The barristers in the bus silently reading the last minute bar tips sent by other law schools. I even distributed bar materials during the short trip from the hotel to the exam venue. I was holding on for my dear life- you know, sudden stepping on the brakes.


Busy barristers flocking from university buses to the gates of University of Santo Tomas which is the exam venue and to which heightened security is felt.


Luch girls assigned for manning the distribution of lunch boxes for the barristers and tending to their needs. I love the Zinger from KFC and I still cannot move on.


After tending to the barristers’ lunch, we also had our fair share of Zinger and crispy chicken from KFC. Yaaay for the selfie people! ❀❀

The rest stayed until end of the Bar exams but I went to Trinoma for my Sunnies which has veen a goal for me every since leaving Tacloban City.

After Trinoma, I went back to the hotel together with ❀ and then upon seeing that no one was there yet, love and I proceeded to Pizza Hut. Good thing dearest friends notified me of the plan to have dinner at Fisher Mall, so love and I walked from the hotel to the mall.

So according to Google Maps it is a 16-minute walk going to the Mall but apparently it was not because we were slowed by fast moving cars to avoid being hit and also it felt like forever on the road.


Pizza Hut dinner. I love Pizza Hut. I love their White Sauce Pasta. Gaaaaah!! Gastronomic indulgence it is!


So when love and I arrived at the mall this really caught my attention. I love Christmas decor. I love lights! I told love that I want the Ayala lights video sento me when he visits Ayala after office. He said yes!! Yay!!


The Funko Pop store!! Love gave me a Dr. Sheldon Cooper Funko Pop and at the store they had Dr. Amy Farah Fowler and Howard Wolowitz. I wanted to buy one but money is so hard!! :(( I guess I will be waiting for next time.


Ahhhh and this happy treat for the tired Riva. Happy Cheesecake day to me..


And so there goes my 3 days. Ahhhhh life, thank you!


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