Foodie Tuesday With The Girls…

Hello there November! Ahhhh. It has been a while indeed. I am glad that this smartphone application of WordPress makes me post easily on my blog.

Tonight was lovely. Except for the part where I had to walk fast because I had to rush to buy my mom’s wish of McDonald’s take-out.

For the next 50 years or so of my life, this is my motto.


The girls posing because we are complete! Well, for tonight, we are! Yaaaaaay!!


We had finner at Pop Up Kitchen. Yes they pop up, hence the name. They change places by the way. 😁 What could be more amazing if you have good food and good company all in one night.


Checking out this creative lights. Recycled car plates. One wicked ideaaaa!! I love it!


Thr lovely menu of the Pop Up Kitchen. Each one of the menu is made differently but with the same doodle-y features and are 100% hand-drawb by someone gifted with the talent of art! Thumbs up to you!

This is all for now,

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