Have you ever thought about almost reaching your goals and suddenly you fell short on a certain point? I am currently comparing my life with the game Minesweeper.  They are the same in some ways.

I did my best to find all 37 mines. I did everything in my life to seem to be perfect and trying my best to beat the previous me. The non-achiever me. But I cannot have it all. I am also imperfect. Even games made by humans also has its imperfections. Can you see that the mine with an ‘x’ and the one beside it? They can be interchanged and i can’t see why my mine (x) was incorrect. It would not have changed anything.

I failed the game because I was not careful enough to press the flag button. The button beside the timer, if you click that, it changes into a flag then when you press the grid, flags would appear instead of popping mines. One negligent act can cause your entire life. It can change a thing or even cause a domino effect in your life. Then suddenly you just realize it is already over. Then you decide whether you start anew or get stuck at your lowest. You do a new game or stop playing.

My point is, after the game you move on and pat yourself and stick it in your memory that not everyone gets past 10 mines. Always look at the bright side of life. Think positive. Be the optimistic self that you are. And there you go, you move on. Start a clean slate and play the game again.

My minesweeper life is still improving. After a few years I want to achieve a winning game. And for me to achieve it, I will do everything I can right now to win life. I’ll make good decisions, and if I am unsure, I’ll keep on thinking, weighing, and reflecting.

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