This is our family home after the devastating typhoon ravaged us. This is the aftermath of Haiyan.


Don’t get me wrong, I am very thankful that I am alive today and making this blog post but there are times when you can only sigh deeply and wonder about all the efforts of your parents for thirty long years gone in 5 hours.

I do not care about our family’s personal belongings but what I care about is the business where we get most of the money we spend for our daily expenditures. Everything is gone. Yes we have our savings but it will take too much time and money before we rise completely again.

All the apartments were destroyed and here I am wondering how my parents would let my sister finish medical school. How is the family going to fare after losing the business? What are we going to do since dad just retired from government service and his retirement pay is taking too long? How will life be?

Everyone affected will be indebted again. My family too. We started from loans and savings and we are back at the beginning again. I just hope this time, it will be faster. We need to move fast to cater to the needs of those looking for a shelter so that they may have a place to rent.

I hope and pray that someday my family will live comfortably again despite and in spite of what happened.

Those who are facing this much of a trial are to be tomorrow’s strongest people.


4 thoughts on “Shattered

      1. Yes… As you can read on my next couple blogs – I want to encourage everyone to help where they can..

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