I have never had any formal background on my baking skills, so as much as possible, I try to practice and hone them in such a way that it would also help me financially. 

Several months ago, I started accepting cake orders. I have been doing cakes since the start of the year. Although, I don’t have the talent to make such beautiful cakes, I try to impress my customers with the taste. 

But just about a month ago, I have come to realize that the way the people see the cake is one way to help me gain more customers. So I have tried practicing my piping skill. 

Star tip. Top view of a June birthday cake.
Frosting: Classic Frosting

I tried so hard with the star tip before since I had a hard time with my grip on the piping bag at first. I got the hang of it then just perfected it this way.. 


Chocolate cupcakes in buttercream frosting.

I tried with the rose design and I got this. This was my very first try. I made these on New Year’s Day 2013.. =)

That’s all for now.. 


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