To Forgive

The lashes and the stings of  words that cannot equal a wound will forever stay in one’s heart. Though it takes time to heal, it will never be forgotten. Scars will remain. Scars will remind. Life will go on. 

I have at long last forgiven all of you for putting me down six years ago but I will never forget those words. The angst in them, the hatred. I did nothing but try to be strong for my loved ones not to be affected. Indeed, life will be more happier. 

As I stared at you walking along the covered walk while waiting for my turn to vote (Ph midterm elections 2013) wearing that old maternity dress and silly leggings, I smirked. A gently maniacal laugh in my head echoed. 

I had but all forgotten and forgiven you and your family for belittling mine, considering that if I were to judge you and your family solely, I’d describe you as trash. But I pity you, pregnant with a child, without a father, without a husband. 

I clearly remembered when I was in high school and I was walking down the street to go to the market and you and your cousins call me names and defamed my honor, treated me like a helpless child bullied by evil kids. Yes, you made me frickingly stronger each day.

I survived your words. Your curses and swearing. Hah! See who’s emerging now! 

That bullied young girl is emerging now! See where bullying got you! Ha!

You deserve this post of mine. I pity you, you helpless woman! 

I will always be happy because I always try not to step on people. But, you.. You! Ha! 


Okay end! 

I have forgiven you. What happened to you will always remind me to be good and never treat others wrong because karma always double the hurt. 



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