Fresh from crying, I gather up my strength. Tears start to fall as I start recalling to that night. I wish I didn’t care at all.

I feel alone in this relationship. My defenses are getting weaker. I feel that I should be numb already.

Can you stop pretending that you care? Can we stop the chase? I feel so jealous. You can’t even calm your own girlfriend?

My heart races and pounds. My thoughts run in circles of what- ifs and maybes. I feel so heart broken. So alone and gloomy.

Baby can we go back when you held me tight and when you told me that everything’s going to be okay? Can you crack a joke for me to smile a little?


A calm day just for us both is what I want. The summer sky is waiting to see us smile together.

All in all, we never left each other. No matter how hard things are, I hope we can still endure everything and go back to the way we were before.

“The strongest heart continues to love even after it has been hurt.”- anonymous


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