Love :)

It was on the second day of March of the year two thousand twelve when I first saw you. Of course, as a person who always gave me butterflies. I have seen you always way back sixth grade when we belonged to the same school, and yet we never talked. Schoolmates, yes we were.

Nine years have passed since the elementary days were finished. Little children preparing themselves for high school where the ride of their lives would commence. Separated during high school and attended different colleges, we had our own lives to lead.

You were that shy boy. I was that outgoing girl. You were the tall one, and I was the first in line according to height- yes height matters, because I envy yours. *wide grin*

We had our dreams, our first loves, our failures and our achievements rolling out and unfolding before our eyes like a red carpet for a movie premiere. July of two thousand eleven when we were connected again. Bound by a common friend, information technology, rather globalization connected us as friends.

It was a fantasy. I believed and always believed in fairy tales.  I absolutely love them. It started with a short message in a social networking site and sooner, you became a very good friend mine. One that I would never destroy ties with. You were so easy to talk to, kind, gentle and if I should say, I saw in you the forgiving type of man. I have always thought of you as what the girls would want.

You were that one man I never thought would exist in my whole lifetime. That kind of man who, as the modern generation alters the values of the individuals, has ceased to exist in reality.

One who would set aside his ego and win a woman’s love back. You never turned your back on me. You were my happiness, my joy, my love, my comforter, my friend, my lover, and my shock absorber.

You knew me better. You appreciated what I did. You scolded (scold isn’t the term; you taught me the right thing to do) me when I did stupid things, and yet your loved hasn’t changed one bit. You loved me right when I was down and sad. You cared for me.

And even if I get so mad  for no reason, you talked to me. You soothe my feelings of despair and sadness. You tell me it will always be okay at the end of the day. All I can say is thank you. Thank you for never turning you back on me right when I needed you the most.

For being an immature girlfriend at times and for being a crybaby, thank you for loving that side of me. I feel so happy and proud to have you in my life. I am very much glad.

Can I still see that thin delineation between fantasy and reality? I cannot anymore. The overwhelming feeling of loving and being loved back in return is just too much.

It has been a year of bliss and happiness. Thank you. I look forward to being with you for some years more. Maybe forever? Who knows, right? Thank you for making me feel loved and making me believe that fantasies and dreams do come true at the same time.

Let’s cherish the days that we are together because it can only be the best gift that we can give each other. To be happy, to love and to be loved back in return, those are the things that matter most.

I’ve got the best of both worlds because of you. Happy anniversary, love. 🙂

Image0356March 19, 2013

That somewhat, love should not be mutual; when one wants to end it, the other should be glad to say no. I love whatever we have. This feeling of friendship and love at the same time. :*


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