Of listening and trees

Tonight, I have learned another important lesson. One lesson important to a person who is young, child-like and in a relationship. That speaking, hearing, listening, giving and taking, and understanding which amounts to loving is important. 

This week has been full of agony. He has a job already and I am still taking my post graduate studies. I missed him a lot. I want to see him, talk to him, hold him, hug him, it makes me happy. 

Last night, I sent him a text that said he does not even miss me. And tonight, I believe my thinking was wrong. He told me it shouldn’t be that way. That when we miss the people we love, we get sad, and when we are sad, we mess up our day. It affects our mood and our dealings with people. 

Maybe I am just afraid of losing him, maybe because he’s in a new environment and I don’t know why, I can’t settle in just yet. I can cope up with the schedule he has and my mind is not working out again. 

I’m trying so hard to be understanding and yes, it is going good because it is a hell lot different when one explains to you personally. when one listens and takes notice of how one party is feeling, it is awesome. Discussing the problem (which was my problem before) isn’t that hard at all. Two people should just be open and love each other. 

I’ve learned that in the days or years to come, he won’t be with me everyday. And just like plants, we have to grow apart to have branches and leaves and become the most beautiful tree ever. And that even if our trunks are apart, the leaves and branches would be our hands that would connect us once we are all fully grown.

Just like a tree, I should grow up, develop and be a mature one. I have to be strong to reach out to a beautiful branch of another tree beside me. I won’t let him go, so I’ll make that tree grow its roots beside me even if he is meters apart knowing that our branches will connect us…. 


Photo: http://www.fanpop.com


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