My Crowning Glory

They say that the hair is the crowning glory of any woman. No doubt about that. A man would always love to see his woman’s hair tied up or done well. Or maybe, just falling and bouncing off her shoulders. 

Some men prefer long haired women, some short. They don’t want it cut. But I do. I cut it whenever I want to.  My impulsive nature has caused me to be one of those women to cut hair without reason, or maybe one reason, any season.

Over the years, I have grown accustomed to cutting my hair whenever I felt bad. I cut it so short my mom really gets angry. She says, why do you keep telling me that you’d grow your hair and after sometime, because of reasons you won’t tell me, you’d cut it. 

“Ma, I feel bad about something.” I wish I could tell her that. But I can’t so I shan’t. I can’t because she’d ask me too many questions and it will tire me easily just hearing them out. 

I have tried my very best to avoid cutting my hair and to grow it just the way mom wants it. But I can’t. Cutting my hair is my own kind of rebellion. I have permed it last 2011 and I ended up getting scolded. *sigh*

Yesterday, 02-11-13, I wanted to cut it, but I didn’t. I just felt bad for myself. 

I want this kind of hair. 🙂

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