Fleeting Feelings as Shana Hitomi Says

A dear unmet friend Shana Hitomi has once posted about fleeting feelings for someone and now, here I am doing the same. Sadly this post is short but even though it is a short one, it contains all my fleeting feelings for him.

My description of fleeting feelings. Feelings way beyond cloud nine, way beyond seventh heaven, way beyond the atmosphere of the earth. Yes, this is what I feel for you.
Like the clouds, you make me feel gleeful and soft. You make me feel like I’m the prettiest woman in the world. Soaring high and mighty and cruising at an altitude of 26, 000 ft, yes this is love. ❤
Sunset while on the plane to Cebu. Our love wouldn’t be this strong if it weren’t for the little drops of jealousy, fighting and my very own mood swings. After the sunset is the dark night followed by another fresh and beautiful day for our love. Staying strong despite the sunset and the darkness.

As Taylor Swift has sung, “this love is OURS.”


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