I am Loved.

“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind.” 

I felt exactly happy when I went to Davao last December 20 till 27 of this year. I was not left behind. I have not met some cousins until last week though. It meant a lot to me to be travelling alone, yes, alone without my mom and dad accompanying me. 

As a young traveler, I have dreamt to do that one thing by myself. I took it as a challenge. Survive a 24-hr travel without parents, sit my ass down in a bus where people ride and drop, and of course make the best of my week-long vacation in Davao.

A Kpop inspired traveling face. Haha! With the mask and all to save me from the smell of the other passengers. Gaah!

Leaving at 1am in the morning and arriving 12mn in Davao City, I had to represent my Dad for Tita Ruth’s funeral since I know they were both close. At one point in my life, I felt like I was the tribute (HAHA!), ala Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games! 😀

At first, it was really awkward since I only had my grandma’s sister- Lola Rosalia a.k.a Lola Sally to talk to and Ate Jacqueline (cousin) whom I have met when she came with Lola last August of this year. 

As I have learned to adjust to the very cold waters of Davao City, I have learned to quite fit with my cousins. (I err-did think that maybe they would not like me at all but hey they don’t!) 

L-R Droi, Mauee, Maria Cecilia, Me, Maria Ysabel, and Miguel at the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi in Davao City.

The first batch of company that I have had in my stay in Davao. This photo was taken by Uncle Ken who is the father of the siblings Droi and Mauee. 😀 Can’t believe he took us for a tour at the Crocodile Park.  😀


Miguel, Maria Ysabel and I posing at the entrance.
Oh right! Yours truly with an open mouth and a snake on the shoulders! Hahaha That big yellow snake vibrating causing my muscles to tense.
Cousin Maria Cecilia took this photo of me at a paparazzi wall at the Crocodile Park. 😀 Aaaaaaggggghhh!
L-R Miguel, Droi, Maria Ysabel, maria, Cecilia, I and Mauee at the butterfly farm or house (I forgot. :D)..
My dad told me that there was not a single soul who didn’t belong to the family. L-R is Rachel, Kuya Emon, Ate Myrcelle, Maria Ysabel, Maria Cecilia, Ate Jacqueline, Ate Raissa, I, and Miguel at Mana, Davao City. 😀
Same group! Them hot gals and guys surrounded with hot lights from Mana! 😀
L-R. Rachel’s boyfie whose name is Kuya Ryan and the other one on the far right is Kuya Emon posing with the mascot duck! 😀
Maria Cecilia on the right. Posing with our funny faces! 😀

Stahp with all our pictures! I have to post about this people that I love individually! 😀

1. Rachel Jamago

My fun and bubbly cousin Rachel Jamago! Partied with her in Club Aurum and yes, she dominated the dance floor with Maria Cecilia. 😀 Ysabel would seem to imitate her way of laughing. Hihi. 😀

2. Maria Ysabel Carreon

Maria Ysabel all the way from Singapore! This is my squishy loving cousin. Yeah! Squishies are her thing. 😀 She loves ’em! :DD

3. Raymond Gonzales

Kuya Emon’s scary face! 😀 hahah. Made all the boys stay away from Rachel and Maria Cecilia at the club. 😛 Isn’t he cool?

4. Raissa Jamago

Ate Raissa in stripes and yours truly photo bombing her default picture in Facebook. Haha.. The sweetest cousin ever.. Very kind and really entertains me so that I won’t feel bored. 😀

5. Jacqueline Ruth Gonzales

Ate Jacqueline here! 🙂 I dunno why ate is closing her eyes here. Hehe She’d really be annoyed if she saw me post this.. There are no other pictures of her though. Gaaaah!

6. Miguel Carreon

Miggy as I call him. 😀 This is the elder brother of Maria Ysabel. He likes beanies, that’s all that I can say. Oh yeah, he pisses his sister a lot. Hahaha

7. Myrcelle Carreon

Ate Myrcelle, a nurse too, same with Kuya Emon and Rachel. So cool to have nurses. 😀 She is a sweet person like Rachel and Ate Raissa, all concerned about my stay in Davao City.

8. Maria Cecilia Carreon

This is Maria Cecilia a.k.a Xhin. Hahah I find that funny. I told Cecilia that her name is so beautiful but she goes by an alias. Anyways, that’s what she uses in her game of CrossFire.

9. Droi Manuel

My little Droi who tied his beautiful hair because he said he is a ninja. 😀

10. Rae Manuel

Mauee Frost. 😀 Very dear to my heart is this little girl. She supports me with my fangirl life and my domo-kun addiction. Hihi. 🙂

11. Rap Rap Gonzales

Cousin Rap Rap singing. 😀 We all sing. Hahaha 😀 Going to miss this ole chum here! Too bad he can’t hang out with the rest of the gang because he takes care of our Uncle Johnnie. 😦 I salute you Rap!

Those are the people that I dearly love and cherish and here is that one special person that I deeply care for too.

Lola Rosalia Carreon. A dear Aunt of my dad and a grandmother I care for like my own paternal and maternal Grandparents too.

Life will always set boundaries to relationships but distance can never cut love and care for family. I thank God that I have known and met my cousins this 2012 and that they are already occupy a big part of my heart. I know that no heart is small when it’s about family, never leaving anyone behind and just caring and loving for each other. 


Familia Zaragosa. Everyone don’t smile! (Racheeeeeel smileeed! Hahha) 😛

This is all for now! 😀 Love my family in Davao! Cheers to a blissful and prosperous New Year! 😀


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