Turning 21

My “hunny bunny” has just recently turned 21 this cold December and yes I’ll be posting the gift I gave him. I am not one to think about  gifts but this one time, I have really had the dilemma of choosing what to give him.

A friend of mine customizes shoes as his temporary income generating activity other than his work in a private company. So I decided, a customized pair of shoes would really be cool for my hunny.

And here comes another dilemma. The SIZE. I don’t know my hunny’s shoe size. When I asked him, he said it is 11 but NO! Good thing he went with me to buy the shoes and yes, I would never forgive myself if I bought a pair of shoes and it would not fit him. :/

In addition to everything I talked about, my hunny loves biking. 🙂 Thus the design of the shoes. 🙂

TOP VIEW: When the shoes are really close to each other, it forms an image of a cyclist. My hunny’s chin isn’t like that though. 😀
SIDE VIEW: That’s his name! 😀
The shoes look so small. 😛


That’s it for now. 😀


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