Love and Privacy

With the existence of social networking sites and the like, the new generation has yet brought to us another twist to how society views a relationship and how the people in today’s generation has changed, for lack of appropriate words, the “rules” on how the modern relationship is to be treated. Moreover, it fascinates me as to how these youngsters have modified their relationship status to a higher caliber one or not.

From the simple courtship of the classic Filipino who uses “harana” to show his love and affection for a woman to the texting and the online dating relationship that the younger generation has, it has, over time made a meaningful relationship into something that anyone, even a thirteen year old kid can have. Today’s relationship can be as short or swift as a hawk swooping over its prey or simply as long term or slow as a turtle walking. 

Both the classic and modern relationship has its own flaws. The classic relationship has the man in control over the relationship while the modern one is egalitarian in nature whereby both person involved has a say on decision making. I will focus on today’s relationship that has more of the woman or man being involved with the affairs of the other and the communications that pass through the couple (well not generally all relationships, but the youth, yes) which I think is a disadvantage.

 Each person who enters a relationship has inherent rights which cannot be stripped away from him. Yes, this piece involves the Constitutional rights of a person, specifically the right to privacy, an inherent right of a person that is provided for in the 1987 Constitution, Section 3 of The Bill of Rights:

Sec. 3 (1) The privacy of communication and correspondence shall be inviolable except upon lawful order of the court, or when the public safety or order requires otherwise as prescribed by law.

(2) Any evidence obtained in violation of this or the preceding section shall be inadmissible for any purpose in any proceeding.”

It is funny how other couples find it necessary to open up each other’s Facebook accounts or any other social networking sites account and check on their partner’s activities on the net or checking each other’s phone and it has not dawned upon them that such act violates the right to privacy of a partner. Things like these lead to issues related to trust and we all know that when doubt is implanted on one’s mind, it can signify the start of the end of a relationship.

A simple reminder that couples should remember is that trust and faith are two main ingredients that can help build a good foundation for a relationship. As for me and my partner, we have never disclosed our accounts to each other. It has been impliedly set though.

As taught by my professor in my Constitutional law class, “when one enters a relationship, one does not waive his or her right to privacy.” Another Judge said, “It (relationship) is more than life imprisonment. It is cadena perpetua, (good thing the Revised Penal Code has abolished that penalty.)”

Just because a person entered a relationship does not mean that his privacy is overridden by the doubtful nature of another partner.

Creating accounts on social networking sites may enable a person to meet another through the internet but it does not mean that we should not trust our partner. We should trust our partner that he or she does not do anything stupid while we turn our sexy backs on them. While their privacy is important, we should also put into consideration our feelings. We may say that we are on the losing side but we really aren’t. Truthfully we should tell ourselves that if ever the partner cheats, he or she cheats himself or herself of a good relationship.

The issue at hand is dragging in nature. It touches on other sensitive but basic topics such as trust, faith and loyalty. We should never forget that once we enter a relationship, we also have to give our best in dealing with these kind situations. We can never be too sure and we can never be too doubtful. I’d rather that one be relaxed and cool about relationships and try not to over analyzed things. 😉



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