Story of my life…

The world may be a place full of people but it makes me feel alone. It may be a great place but even the fullness of it can make you feel so lost and lonely. We cannot always feel so social or together with others, there will always be a time that you may want to be with yourself only.

Everything makes me sad right now. I feel so lonely, depressed, blue or whatever words are there to express a feeling of sadness. I just want the world to stop right now. I want to think back, reflect and make myself happy over the choices that I have chosen for myself.

I want to stop. Stop with all the choices I have made for the sake of my parents. I want to make choices for myself and not just because I want to please my family or that I want to meet the expectations that they have of me.

I just want to be myself. I want to take on the challenges that I’d willingly accept. I don’t want to accept challenges that were meant for others. I don’t want to be burdened with the frustrations of the people surrounding me.


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