Temporary Departure. . .

And as you enter the last semester, the final stage of your college life, you venture to Cebu City with your course-mates and do your On The Job Training at a certain hotel. Oh how I envy you dear brother so much! 😦 I wanted that course, you know. But I would not have reached Bangkok, Thailand if not for my Political Science life. 

Three in the morning and you’re up, washing your face and dressing up. Bade our youngest sibling goodbye. *sigh* I should have been with you in Ormoc City (the place where one rides a ferry to go to Cebu) to send you off had Daddy retained what he had previously decided on. 😦 I feel bad, it could have been my time for a little soul searching. 


All bags packed. 😦

Surely, everyone is going to miss you for three long months. And yeah, I noticed something too, on my 18th birthday, elder sister and youngest were not around, and by 2013 you won’t be around. Sheeesh. All of you have absences on my birthday already. Sad.

This post is about you though, not me. 😛

So it’s goodbye younger brother, I guess.

See you in late February or March 2013. :)))



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