The Dilemma of a Heart

Sooner or later her lover would leave her. Truly. nothing assures her doubting mind. She sulks in the corner of her room endlessly thinking about the possibilities. She says it isn’t over but she keeps on over thinking things. She had her tendencies of talking endlessly and keeping quiet all the time.

Could she ever keep up with the pace of love? No, no she says. Her heart pleads. She says she loves him way too much to give up just like that. She told me one time that sooner or later it will haunt her, and haunt her in the night it did. Daylight screams of heavy tears and pure anguish and heavy pain in the heart.

I told her to stay still, believe and pray that things shall pass and the normal beat of her heart shall take control once more. She did not heed my advice. Her worrisome nature and her lack of belief in herself made her sink that low. It is drowning her in misery.

I want to help her rise above the rest, stand proud of herself and to gain her confidence back. But she keeps on asking me, “how can I ever compete with first love?” I tell her, “You do not have to compete with first love because true love will bury it alive.”



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