Journey to the Graves

And as the day of the dead passed by, I stayed at home and slept, watched a Korean drama (Sungkyunkwan Scandal) till three in the morning and slept again. *long sigh* I did not even hear mass for the souls and the saints. I feel resentful. I am eaten by my conscience.

And so this afternoon of the fourth of November, my parents brought me and my sister to hear the requiem mass for a departed grandma who was a distant relative of my maternal grandmother, and after the mass, instead of going to the cemetery where she was to be buried, we went to Palo, Leyte where my Uncle and paternal grandfather were laid unto eternal rest.

It was a hell of a journey, the heat of the sun burned us for a while, checking into the public cemetery where grandpa was buried. We could not find it for sometime since there were so many “nitso” there.

Sea of white. A quiet place to rest.

Searching high and low for the tomb of my departed grandfather. It did exhaust me for a while. But it was worth it. We found his tomb and we placed candles and prayed for a while.

Neighboring tombs.

Having found grandpa’s tomb, I saw sadness fill my dad’s eyes. The tomb was already ragged with dirt, clear indication that no one was there to visit and clean it. Left to be covered in moss. As dad said, he would come back next Sunday to paint the tomb white and mark the epitaph with black markings to indicate the names of the departed.

Unpainted, mossy, and clearly unvisited.

And together with the dead, I mourn the passing of my dearest fish. 😦 Buried him or her near our gate. 😦 cried again for it’s passing last October 21, 2012.



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