One witchy Wednesday. ;)

As the third day of my semester break begins, I have been occupied by a little girl who as her aunt says is rather evil. *insert wide grin here* Well, I had the opportunity of seeing my love too, after having been longing to see each other for more than three long weeks now.

As we all know, the Philippines has already been Westernized by the capitalist United States and inclusive of the Westernization of course is the blending of the cultures, or should I say, the burying of the Filipino culture. Here I am saying all those politically inclined terms and yet, all along I play a puppet of the West- oops, a slave I mean.

Yes, I admit that fact. I now acknowledge my love for my country. If given a new life, I’d like to be in balance and in harmony with the changes and yet keep inn tact the old traditions of my motherland. I would like to see all my descendants to be fulfilled in the Filipino culture, seek new means to help the unfortunate and use their efforts to bring life to the country.

Okay, so given the fact that I am already divulging my personal feelings, let me retroact. The culture I talk about is the day of the dead and as we all call it here in the Philippines, “Undas” or “Araw ng Mga Patay”. You see, the Philippines does not celebrate Halloween at all,it consecrates and honors the departed souls of the beloved ones. No one ever partied for Halloween as I believe. I firmly stand on my ground that the elderly would have always prayed to God and spend the day in the cemetery cleaning graves and painting them bright white.

Today, teens and young children are involved in Halloween parties. (Of course trick or treating isn’t done on this day, we have another Filipino counterpart for that, which happens every Christmas.) And specifically my friend’s niece who is a six year old child was a participant of a Halloween party to be held at a fastfood chain somewhere in the city. And so we dressed her up the best way we could and fixed her makeup for her to look like a real witch.

While waiting to enter the party area. 😛 CheesE!

Of course, children were there with their mommies except for this poor child who had a pair of 20 year old law students to accompany her instead of an adult. (Would not consider the myself and Jessica as adults). Princesses, corpse brides, pirates, ballerinas, devils, witches! Ha! So many little kids playing around.

Drawing spooky things as instructed. 🙂

I left so soon that I haven’t said goodbye to the little girl but hey, at least I had a picture of us taken. A self captured one though. ;(

Faye Janelle and your’s truly. 😛

And a combined picture of Faye Janelle. 🙂

A series of combinations…
Little witch not smiling. 😛

The afternoon with Jessica and the little witch was awesome! 😀

And although I left with regret of not being with my love for even fifteen minutes, I still would like to thank the heavens for a wonderful afternoon. Seeing him is my joy and it has uplifted my spirits. The happiness and the smile will never be incomparable to anything material. Nothing has changed. Still handsome, still mine, still loving.

For his social environment, I have this to say, I hate the way you have an effect on my behavior towards him. Indeed, I have blamed society for what things are to be perceived. But then again, I bow to you. For I am a product of society and my parents cannot accept social deviance. Time will come and I shall but hug him freely within the boundaries of his little community. Soonest.

It’s November 1 already in the Philippines. See you Grandma and Grandpa on your final resting place later.



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