Semester Break for a Post Graduate Student

After four long years of staying in the university, I am found myself again, well, engaged in further studies and yes, I have the luxury of a semester break occurring third week of October to the first week of Novermber, roughly two weeks or less.

Since, I am a big fan of the Hallyu wave, I decided to take my fanaticism to a higher level. Aside from listening everyday to the Korean Popular music from Super Junior, SHINee, and other boybands, I have moved on slowly to Korean Dramas. 🙂

But first, let me introduce you to Super Junior my loves! Yes! Almost all females know them! Ha!

My pretty Oppas! Sarangheyo!

Aren’t they the cutest Asians? Kekeke Of course, if one likes Korean boybands, one has got to have a “BIAS”. Bias- a fan’s favorite member in a group. 🙂 In Super Junior, my bias is Kim Heechul Oppa! He is currently serving his military services and is due to be discharged mid-next year. 21 months is really long. 😦

Kim Heechul. Sarangheyo Kim Heechul! Uyyubitkal Kim Heechul! ❤

So another band that I like is SHINee! :))


I liked SHINee because they are under the same management with Super Junior and that I fell in love with Choi Minho when I watched the Korean drama “To The Beautiful You”. 🙂

Choi Minho of boyband SHINee and Choi Jinri or better known as Sulli of girl group f(x). 🙂

Okay so moving on…. I am already yearning to tell you that I am currently watching “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”. I believe it has similarities with “To The Beautiful You,” maybe just a little. The heroines are the same though, they both entered male learning institutions. Ha! 😛


“Sunkyunkwan Scandal” is the traditional Korean manifestation. 🙂 I have never really like traditional dramas of Korea but hey, this is a good one. The setting is during the times when Korea was known as Joseon and not the name Korea. They were still practicing traditional Chinese though.


The modern version is that of the drama “To The Beautiful You” which is the Korean version of Hana Kimi of Japan. 🙂 So cool right. 🙂 I like both versions though! 🙂 Really daebak!


I have already watched numerous dramas and it is still counting! I think I’ll never get tired. I hope I finish Sungkyunkwan Scandal before classes start. Kekeke! Of course I can! 😛 Hwaiting!

I wish I could express my love for KPOP and the HAllyu wave! Ha! Aja aja Hwaiting! Saranghe! Kamsahamnida chinggu!



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