At times like this she reminisces about her long journey towards life. The people she met and the places she has been to. It has been a long four years since all of them have met. She says she didn’t belong but she did, she was accepted, love and appreciated by the people whom she thought have excluded her.

This little girl here from twelve to thirteen years ago, she was neither the brightest star nor the prettiest one in her class but she was contented. Competition was tight at school but she learned to accept that fact. In fact she was FINE, freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional (Italian Job, 2003).


She never believed in herself but everyone around her did. She finished elementary without honors but she did pretty well when she was in high school. Of course, studying in a learning institution where the elite were, it was hard for her.

She was led to believe that the elite would bot accept her, but she was wrong. She found friends there. She was accepted. Although there was this classmate who was thrice her size and bullied her. Yes, bullied. She was a cry baby then. Told her dad to scold the boy but the boy was bigger than her dad.

Things went well for four years, she made it to the top five of the class. She hoped that she would graduate with flying colors, but to her dismay, no she didn’t. She graduated the same just like in elementary. Academics mattered to her. But she never did great. She belonged to the backstage where there was no limelight.

She attended college in a prestigious university. Her heart never belonged though. The thought that everyone there was intelligent made her shrink. She did well and made friends.

ImageThrough the years in college, groups were formed, friendships changed, school got tougher, teachers got attached, lovers were formed. Many things have happened but she was still the same. Plain and simple. She dressed up like she was at home while attending college and the UP lifestyle took her life to the simplest form.

ImageShe learned to adapt well to what the society presented before her eyes. The advocacy program she participated in made her see through the eyes of a teacher, enjoyed being with children and as well as increasing her talent in public relations.

Advocacy Program at RTR Elementary School where they’ve taught about climate change and it’s effects.

It was an awesome freshman year for her. Second year was bearable, although she flunked her Economics 11, her dad told her to just re-take the subject. Anyways, he finished college at an old age, so her dad was lenient towards her. Indeed, he understood her because as her dad told her, he was not the brightest among his schoolmates but he did well in the game he played with fate and look where it got him. From plowing the fields to sitting himself in an air-conditioned room and earning money from his work and his business.

Yes it is a 5.0. A failing mark!

Her travels started while she was in her sophomore year. Her unfortunate fate brought her to more places where she thought, she would never be.

Allen, Northern Samar.

Talk about 8 hours of sitting on the bus, rough road and there was nothing to do but listen to the snores of classmates and watch them puke while on the travel. Her very first land travel in Samar. 🙂

Third year came and field trips were already her thing, she enjoyed the province, the view, the natural scenery,the cliffs and bridges. The ooohs and aaahhhs she says were only for the beautiful environment! 🙂

Allen, Northern Samar. 2010
Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte. 2011
Dakak Beach Resort. Zamboanga del Norte. 2011. “The place she’ll be visiting with her human love. *wink*”
Hinabangan. 2011. “She says it’s super ice cold water coming from the mountains.”

There are too many pictures and this post is getting lengthy. What matters most are the relationships she has formed in her journey through life. 🙂

Two awesome people in her life. Vince and Mae. 🙂 The artist, the chef and the singer. All in one photo. 🙂 She super misses them.

And for the last part on her journey through her college life, she had this for a souvenir photo.

People’s Center, Tacloban City. April 27, 2012. The ending of the undergraduate phase of her life and the start of a new one.
“Graduating on time.”

ImageThe best people in the world belongs to our family and our circle of friends. And although her college life ended, she found a good source of support and friendship and love.

A friend, a lover, a listener and a shock absorber. That’s him. 🙂

PS: I can only write up to this part of her life. My back really hurts. Sheeesh. ^^,v


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