Moments of sheer bliss

It’s been almost a year since the “Adopt A Child Program” of my former schoolmates were held. I really looked forward to participating to this event last year. Rarely do I ever participate in outreach programs for the unfortunate children in the locality. It feels so wonderful to share the blessings that I have with other children. I guess it is a way to thank God for all the blessings he has showered upon me. 

“Adopt A Child Program”. December 2011.

It reminds me of having fun with my friend Mae while shopping for toys at a nearby store in the downtown area. The children we picked wanted kitchen stuff for the play house, and so we bought them what they wanted. We also added school supplies for them to enjoy school.

Team Orange with a little bit of green. 🙂


Our other friend Vince was forced by our classmate Maris to participate in the event since there was a child who did not have an adopter. The child wanted a toy plane, and yes, a toy plane he received. 

Aside from the gift giving, there were also games for the children and snacks too. I just wish for another outreach program to participate in again. In so little ways, at least I can help. I know I am not yet earning but I still want to help in my own ways. I know there are other ways to help other people aside from participating in these kind of activities. 

ImageAs my day ends, I shall end it in a positive way praying and believing that these children shall be good ones and that they strive hard for their future and help their parents out of poverty. 



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