Lately, I have been troubled with my thoughts of continuing law school or stopping. I am very much apprehensive about how my life is turning out right now. I have so much in my mind. I am very much bothered about the pressures my parents are putting on me right now. There are reasons as to why I don’t want to continue law school.


First, I don’t want to engage in something that my heart does not want to accept. It is like chaining my heart, limiting its capacity. My heart is set out for culinary arts. I love cooking, I love confectionery, baking, all those things.


Secondly, the pressures are too much. My parents are expectant that I will be a lawyer within the span of four and a half years. I am very much disheartened because I don’t expect that much from myself. They expect too much from me. *sigh*

ImageLastly, my reason for wanting to leave law school is really about my need to pursue my dreams, to follow my heart, dictate myself about my decisions in life. I want to blame myself one day if ever I will make the wrong decision about this one. Even if I was in my undergraduate studies, I blamed my parents for them making me take up Political Science when indeed, I wanted to take up BS Hotel and Restaurant Management because I know it would take me closer to my dreams.


Disclaimer: Photos are not mine


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