Limasawa Island, Southern Leyte

Well, I never thought I could travel this year at all. Unexpectedly, my best friend asked me to come with her to Limasawa, Southern Leyte. This island is known in history as the place where the colonizers held their first mass in the islands of the Philippines- March 31, 1521.

But before we go into historical details, I will be sharing with everyone how I went there. This will be any person’s guide to conquering Limasawa!

If you are coming from the capital-Manila, do take a plane ride from Manila to the City of Tacloban. From Tacloban, go to Van Van’s and ride a van to Maasin City. The fare is PhP 220.00 only as of March 2018. From Maasin, ride a tricycle to the terminal of cabs going to Padre Burgos and pay PhP 8.00. The trip will be approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Lastly, from Padre Burgos ride a pumpboat for PhP 50-100.00. When I went there, the public pumpboats were chartered by a group of old ladies for their retreat. It was hard for me at that time but thank the heavens a group of friends sought help from a local and they luckily found a boat that would bring us to Limasawa (thus the reason I paid PhP 100.00 as it was not a public boat, in effect it was as if we chartered the boat. And by “we”- me with the group of friends.) In short, for the one way fare alone, you will be paying PhP 328.00.

Upon arriving at Limasawa, you will be docked in the resort where the most passengers ask to be dropped off . In my case, the residents opted to choose that the boat dock in the area where their houses were located.

For starters, you will be asked this question: where are you staying? I could not answer as I was not prepared. I did know of the resorts but I could not answer them at all! So what I did was to follow the group of friends. 😉 Wise, huh? Yep. I did just that.

We had three choices, Limasawa Island Lagoon Resort, Evashore Beach Resort or Dakdak Beach Resort. We stayed at Dakdak Beach Resort (a friend who went to Limasawa recommended that I stay in Dakdak Beach Resort.

From the port, I rode a motorbike (habal-habal in the vernacular) and paid PhP 15.00 to be driven off to Dakdak Beach Resort. The driver of the motorbike offered me a whole day tour of the island priced at PhP 175.00 (I will discuss this in detail later).

This is the view from Dakdak Beach Resort. I arrived Sunday at about 12nn and it was raining. So much for the summer heat. Damn!

Here in Dakdak, you will be paying PhP 50.00 for the entrance and PhP 700.00 for the bunk house/ cottage or PhP 200.00 if you will pitch your own tent. Mind you, they do cook food for their guests but they should be informed in advance. The food is not that expensive. Rice costs about PhP 20.00, if fried rice about PhP 25.00, fish stew costs about PhP 50.00 and eggs costs about PhP 20.00. Fair price for me. Warning! Rice servings are big!

After checking my stuff in, I availed of the tour offered by the motorbike driver. 😉 Since I did not have the luxury of time, I just shortened my list of what to visit. Ta daaaaaaaah!



Sooooooo! I have never been so wrong in my entire life! I should have made this my last part of the trip! Going to the cross alone consists of 450 steps.

450 steps is fine when you are on flat land! But never going uphill! (I went to Limasawa on the 4th of March but until now, 7th of March, my legs are still sore. I know you won’t believe me.)

I do not know if the old cross is encased in that one. I am a 100% sure that is not the old cross in the background though because I have read in a few blogposts that the original cross planted have been ruined already due to its exposure to the elements.

As a Catholic, I kind of feel happy to be here in Limasawa. I wish you’d see how hard it was for mw to climb this. 😂

This is the chapel that they have when having masses. Too bad I did not catch the mass in Limasawa.

Side note, on 2021 March 31, they will be celebrating the 500th year when the first mass was celebrated.



The distance of the church to the lighthouse is a bit far. Never believe in anyone saying that you could trek it because I sure as hell will not attempt to trek Limasawa. For someone who has no exercise, I won’t ever do it.



Yep, the lagoon is just down there. But wait! Before you get to see that beauty, you have to go through a steep cliff. The owner of the resort made stairs to easily descend to the cliff side. It was still too steep for me and for a 60kg woman- it was so hard! Gravity was pulling me down.

That is just a small portion of the stairs. The photo aboves was taken from the cliff side.

If ever you are interested in staying at Limasawa Island Lagoon Resort, the only advice I can give you is that you better not try to pitch a tent. It costs PhP 300.00, and I would not recommend it because it is rocky there. Any camper would know that it would be hard to pitch a tent on a rocky side as you would not be able to poke your metal rods in the soil.

Warning: The salt water is cold. Wear rashguard if it can help with the cold. Don’t bathe topless (for men).

There are seagrasses in the area of the lagoon. If I were the government, I woupd not have allowed entry on this area because the habitat of the fishes is destroyed by human activities. Nature should have not been interrupted. There are also trash just beyond the rocks of the lagoon.

The photos above were taken from the Island Lagoon. All of which have been underwater. For the action camera, I used a Supremo 4k to film all of these photos. This camera is cheaper than the GoPro but also serves its purpose.



As the day ended, we rode back to our resort to enjoy its own view. We had our dinne rprepared by the staff of the resort. Dinner in Dakdak resort is not that extravagant but it is the best and it filled my tummy really good! Dinner for 2 did cost around PhP 150.00.

During nighttime, if you are feeling sentimental, you can just enjoy the sea breeze and watch the stars shine brightly on the vast sky.

DAY 2:

Upon waking up, the cool waters of the beach is enough yo give you chills. I bet it is good to get your tan from noon to mid afternoon. 😉

But for us we packed up at around 9am, ate breakfast, walked around Dakdak Beach Resort’s premises.


Upon arrival, children are enjoying the made up swing attached to the coconut tree. These are the playtimes that children indulged in gadgets cannot have at all. Socializing and making friends.

I never rode this swing! I should have done so at that time. This is the peaceful beach I have visited in Limasawa.

See those small houses, those are the “kubo” that they rent out for PhP 700.00 to guests. With sockets, a mattress, and lights. Hmmmm, sounds like a good night rest for visitors huh?


Hi, thank you for reading my blogpost. If you’re still reading up to this part please leave me some love. 😊


The Bar Exams

Last May to October 2016, I had the privilege of reviewing for the Bar exams in Jurists Bar Exam Review Center in Manila, and finally taking the Bar Exams on November.

Everyone knows that the most prestigious exam in the country is the Bar examinations. It occurs once a year and almost seven thousand hopefuls pass the gates of the University of Sto. Tomas.

The results came out this May 2017. I failed (emphasis supplied). It was very heartbreaking. My feelings were uncontrolled. I kept myself composed in the office not wanting to be seen crying by everyone there. I still could not sleep well at night. I still refuse to eat food that I associate with the Bar exams.

I am writing this because aside from the emotional roller coaster ride that I have been on, it has also severely affected me mentally.

The emotional and mental struggle that I have been on manifested through my physical appearance and behavior. Take for example a social person like me shying away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I have also shied away from friends because I really did not want to be consoled (in addition to getting ignored when I congratulated everyone who passed).

Today I feel so irrelevant to people. I feel so forgotten. But despite all that, there were people who broke barriers to be with me. They cried with me. Never have I been so touched by the overwhelming love of my family, and my best friend.

To date, this has been my greatest failure and yet my greatest win in life. I have realized so many things, I matured a bit and I have spent time on myself.

I’d still try to get the license, I’d still be hopeful, I’d still look back and reflect where I went wrong last year in hope of correcting my mistakes. I’d still aim to tighten my grip on my studies.

If after all these efforts I still do not make it, I’m sure I have a new world waiting for me.

The Bar exams knocked me down but I will not allow it to cloud my future. Destiny has its way of bringing me right where I am supposed to be.



My Colorful Cake

In preparation for my grandma’s birthday, I tried to make a Rainbow Cake but i did forego the idea on the last minute because it was going to be a very tall cake with seven layers (well because we have 7 damn colors on it).

I decided that I will only make one recipe of cake so that I wont find it hard to stack everything together.

I used a butter cake for this recipe. I used my mother’s classic butter cake recipe for this.

So, any one of my readers can use their own yellow cake mix of some sort. My cake batter consisted of 8 cups of batter, equally divided into 4 baking pans containing 2 cups each.

Color your batter with whatever color you like. I did mine with red, yellow, green and blue. The blue sort of looked like teal though.


By the way I used about 4pcs of 10inch round baking pans. Well you can always cook and refill again. Just be practical. You can also do this on a square or rectangular pan to accommodate more people.

For the frosting I used Swiss Meringue Butterceam. Yummiest ever! Fill the cakes and stack them!


Some bloggers on YouTube cuts the sides of the cake but I don’t because as much as possible I avoid wastage in food making processes. Also, you can flatten the topmost cake by using a serrated knife or a cake leveler and then inverting the cake and using its bottom part to ensure flatness.


I wanted to give the cake a nude finish but i just could not. I am not an expert on frosting but I can say I do cook well.

So now. Slicing.


This is the inside of the cake when cut through. You may have noticed that I have thin filling, well it is because I had few frosting left. I had to save up.


Your cake will be beautiful like this. No need for fancy recipes. You can always improvise. No need for seven colors, four colors will do and your friends will all be amazed.

Have fun guys!

Riva ❤

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Christmas and New Year 2015

It has been a while since I last posted but here I am updating my blog for everyone to know the things I have been busy with for the month of December.

As a graduating student of Law (well, hopefully I graduate) I decided that my last adventure before finally leaving for the capital city of the Philippines which is Manila (to last for about 8 months or if I find a job I will stay there for good) to review for the Philippine Bar Examinations shall be my life- long dream of selling cakes and establishing my name as a cake maker.

The whole month of December I have been contemplating about this idea and of course I have planned this a long time ago but just had it executed on December. Well, on November I bought little tin cans from a supplier in Manila and I bought about 40 of them because I never really expected my cakes to sell.

My boyfriend made my logo for a day. It was rushed. I really didn’t think that the logo was important but to my mind, people should know me. This is my identity.  People would as your customers and say “hey, where’d you buy those?”. To which your customers would reply, “bought them at “Cakes by Riva”. That’s me. That’s my business.


Such a simple logo but I don’t really mind at all.

Well the next step on my mind were the recipes. Will I find new ones or will I stick to the basic? I did stick to the 8 year old recipes that I have had.

I am 23 (24 in a month) and yes those recipes I have known when I was 15. Amazing that I kept them all in tact even though Haiyan wrecked our house.

My advice for the starters is to use the recipes they have had for so long that the people have appreciated. Use the recipe that you are comfortable using. Use the one that never failed you.

Another thing that I did was try the cake recipe on your container. I bought an oven-safe tin because I did not want to really keep on icing the sides of the cake.

For someone who has not a single amount of formal education on baking and is venturing out on a business like this play it cool and safe. Have faith. Keep your head up and admit to your shortcomings. I did.

Another thing I want to advice people on is to try to have free taste. Yes free taste. You know, those occasional i-made-cookies-because-i-was-bored-so-here-you-should-try-one. Why? Because the people to whom you’d be handing out these cookies are those who’d support you first on your business. Uh-huh. Got that right huh!

I was too lazy to ice/frost cakes on their side and so I really did play this game safe.




Lastly, everytime you make a cake try to reflect on your skill. Assess yourself if you are doing well or not. Have faith in yourself if you feel like it is ugly or if you will disappoint some clients. At first it really will be rough and hard to establish your name but sooner or later the ripple effect will happen, people will hear about you and they will like your craft. Always evolve. Be better than your previous self. Enjoy baking and enjoy cake decorating.

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Friday the 20th: Day Out With IceBucket

Due to the delay of examinations and few free days without an exam, the ice bucket people decided to go out and have fun. Thanks to our pool provider Mr. G, we all enjoyed the lazy day.


This is us but without Ate Lin. 😢 The house is being renovated and everyone was not choosy at all because we aimed to talk and enjoy the day with friends rather than focusing on the background. What a fun day!


This was my view while lying on the poolside. Such beautiful weather for a Friday.


Who wouldn’t love sunglasses loving friends? Aaah. So much sun! We loved the sun last Friday. It kept us warm on a supposed-to-be-cold November days.


And another one for happy sunnies!


By the poolside. Ladies of IceBucket without Ate Lin. Such cool people to be with on a crazy course called Law!


Sorry for the background, we just let the workers tend to their business. Happy ladies chit-chatting on about anything under the sun. ❤


The little girl in me is happy in the kiddie pool. ❤


We bought two bottles of wine- strawberry passion and something peach. Ahhh.. I am a modest drinker but I really appreciate wine.


Pretty friends. Oooooh. Valerie looks like a wine model. And Ate Wilma looks like a kid. 😂😂


I took this photo and I love it. I love hanging ojt with these people. MIA is Ate Lin, Ate Ivy and Ate Imee. Such looooveee.. ❤


Friends and wine. Irreplaceable. ❤


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3 day stay at Manila

I’ll be posting photos of my 3 day Manila stay for the 2015 Bar Operations.

To start with, the Bar Operations is conducted yearly by our school to support our Bar examinees held previously at October every year, and now November because of the academic calendar shift. The Bar Examinations take place each Sunday of Octoberpreviously, and now November. The barristers will be back eveey Sunday to take the exam. Each Sunday is a different exam.

Over the years, it has been said that the Bar Exam is the hardest exam held in Philippines. As they say, many are called but few are chosen. A few only pass the Bar Exams.

So here are our photos.

Day 1. Pre-Bar Operations.


This photo was taken before we flew to Manila. Everyone was excited because participating in the Bar operations meant knowing how it will be like when someone takes the Bar exams.  So yes, from the noisy streets filled with supporters of different law schools to waiting till the end of the Examination day.


I took a selfie in the quiet and creepy corridors of Great Eastern Hotel where we were billeted.


Day 2. Bar Operations

And another selfie past midnight in the Makati office of our dear Cong. Martin Romualdez who is also the Dean of DVOREF College of Law while waitin for the photocopying machine to finish its job and for me to start stapling papers. Selfie taken because I was in awe with the shelves of Supreme Court Reports Annotated.


I did try my best to tuck my stomach in while this photo was taken. 😂😂


Someone was with me from 7.30pm to 2am. I went inside the office on November 14 and I went out on November 15. Well, this man here is Arvin and yes, he is a volunteer Bar Operator. He was with me through it all. I was so tired and he kept me company. We both lacked sleep but we still finished our assigned tasks together. Thanks, love.

Day 3. Bar Exam Day

Arvin and I returned to the hotel at around 2am and had to sleep to wake up in 2 hours. Well, for the tiresome night we were given 2hrs and 30 mins. Ha! Extended. Yes!

With the lack of sleep, I was really groggy and was yawning all the time. Arvin and I parted ways because I was assigned for sending the examinees to the examination venue and he wanted his sleep. Well…


The barristers in the bus silently reading the last minute bar tips sent by other law schools. I even distributed bar materials during the short trip from the hotel to the exam venue. I was holding on for my dear life- you know, sudden stepping on the brakes.


Busy barristers flocking from university buses to the gates of University of Santo Tomas which is the exam venue and to which heightened security is felt.


Luch girls assigned for manning the distribution of lunch boxes for the barristers and tending to their needs. I love the Zinger from KFC and I still cannot move on.


After tending to the barristers’ lunch, we also had our fair share of Zinger and crispy chicken from KFC. Yaaay for the selfie people! ❤❤

The rest stayed until end of the Bar exams but I went to Trinoma for my Sunnies which has veen a goal for me every since leaving Tacloban City.

After Trinoma, I went back to the hotel together with ❤ and then upon seeing that no one was there yet, love and I proceeded to Pizza Hut. Good thing dearest friends notified me of the plan to have dinner at Fisher Mall, so love and I walked from the hotel to the mall.

So according to Google Maps it is a 16-minute walk going to the Mall but apparently it was not because we were slowed by fast moving cars to avoid being hit and also it felt like forever on the road.


Pizza Hut dinner. I love Pizza Hut. I love their White Sauce Pasta. Gaaaaah!! Gastronomic indulgence it is!


So when love and I arrived at the mall this really caught my attention. I love Christmas decor. I love lights! I told love that I want the Ayala lights video sento me when he visits Ayala after office. He said yes!! Yay!!


The Funko Pop store!! Love gave me a Dr. Sheldon Cooper Funko Pop and at the store they had Dr. Amy Farah Fowler and Howard Wolowitz. I wanted to buy one but money is so hard!! :(( I guess I will be waiting for next time.


Ahhhh and this happy treat for the tired Riva. Happy Cheesecake day to me..


And so there goes my 3 days. Ahhhhh life, thank you!

Foodie Tuesday With The Girls…

Hello there November! Ahhhh. It has been a while indeed. I am glad that this smartphone application of WordPress makes me post easily on my blog.

Tonight was lovely. Except for the part where I had to walk fast because I had to rush to buy my mom’s wish of McDonald’s take-out.

For the next 50 years or so of my life, this is my motto.


The girls posing because we are complete! Well, for tonight, we are! Yaaaaaay!!


We had finner at Pop Up Kitchen. Yes they pop up, hence the name. They change places by the way. 😁 What could be more amazing if you have good food and good company all in one night.


Checking out this creative lights. Recycled car plates. One wicked ideaaaa!! I love it!


Thr lovely menu of the Pop Up Kitchen. Each one of the menu is made differently but with the same doodle-y features and are 100% hand-drawb by someone gifted with the talent of art! Thumbs up to you!

This is all for now,

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